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The ACLO is the largest overarching student sports organization of Europe. 19.000 students from Groningen exercise at the ACLO. You can purchase an ACLO Card if you are enrolled at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) or the Hanzehogeschool (HG). It is also possible to buy an ACLO Card if you recently graduated.

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The active ACLO

You can also become an active ACLO member by joining one of our committees or one of the boards. 

Exercising in between studying

Exercising is healthy: you feel fit and have more energy. This is nice, but also very useful: just an hour of intensive exercise ensures that you can better concentrate while studying. 

At the ACLO you can practice no less than 100 different sports. You can join group lessons, try out sports in several courses, make reservations for courts and fields, go to the gym and join a sport association. 

Are you new in Groningen? Meet your peers and play sports at the ACLO or one of the 51 student sport associations.  

The Sports Associations

There are 51 different student sport associations connected to the ACLO! Read more about each association by clicking on the logo.

Sports offer

The ACLO offers more than 100 different sports, high chances that there is a sport to your liking.

Spierpijn videos - HanzeMAG

                           Have a look at our associations in the Spierpijn videos below, the language spoken is Dutch but the images show a lot! 

Sport opportunities

At the ACLO there are many different possibilities to exercise. You need to scan a QR-code upon arrival to confirm your reservation via the ACLO app. 

Group lessons and open hours

Group lessons and open hours are practices in which you can always participate, provided that you own an ACLO Card. Group lessons are given by a sports teacher and you can practice on your own level. During the open hour, the sports teacher only acts as a  supervisor (like during the open hours climbing, futsal, and swimming). 

Courses and enrollment procedure

The ACLO offers introductory courses for various sports. In these courses, students can get to know the sport. The courses are given by a sports teacher specialized in the field and last for 5 or 10 weeks. For courses you have to sign up on the website or via the ACLO app.

Free reservations

It is possible to reserve courts, fields, and rooms at the Sports Centre. You can, for example, reserve a beach volleyball, tennis, padel or squash court together with your friends. You can make a reservation through our website, ACLO app, the service desk or via the telephone. Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance. 


The ACLO Sport center has fitness facilities where you can workout the whole year. Additionally, there is a location for strength sports named Power Station.

You can make use of the fitness facilities at the ACLO Sport center in the weekend and university holidays with a regular ACLO Card. If you want to work out daily, you can purchase a Fitness Card. The Fitness card costs €65,- and is on top of your regular ACLO Card. To work out in the Power Station you need to do a Powercheck beforehand.

Sports Associations

There are 51 different Sports Associations connected to the ACLO. To become a member of a Sports Association you need to own an ACLO Card. The clubs ask for an additional contribution, but this is much lower compared to regular clubs. Please note: when you become a member of a club you pay the contribution of the club and you have to buy an ACLO Card.

Open competitions & tournaments

An open competition is a competition which is held between teams of ACLO athletes. Examples of competitions are football, futsal, beach volleyball and squash. A competition takes places over several weeks. Tournaments have the same concept as open competitions, but are one-time only.


The schedule for group lessons, open hours and courses are re-established every period. Especially the schedule of the courses varies greatly per period, the group lessons and open hours schedule is broadly fixed for an entire academic year. The schedules are made per week, so you can see on what day and what time which lessons are given. 

Locations ACLO- facilities